Erasmus+ training course “Wonder Women”

Erasmus+ training course “Wonder Women” (acronym WoW) took place in Kaunas (Lithuania) on 24-30 October 2018, involving 30 youth workers from six European countries. Project’s goal was to create an environment for youth NGOs where they could develop various competences and tools aimed at leadership building, personal branding and entrepreneurial learning as main tools to empower women through youth work.

The inspiration for the Project

The positive impact of having women leaders is widely recognised by several researches of the last decades. It’s demonstrated that companies with more women on board are more economically productive, while increasing the women role in politics makes institutions and policies more representative. Despite that, the underrepresentation of women in leading positions is still concerning. Youth organizations from Italy, UK, Spain, Greece, Poland and Lithuania gathered to play important role through awareness campaigns aimed at making the society recognize an equal status to women in the field of work and leadership and targeted initiatives such as workshops, trainings, support services aimed at building women self-confidence, leadership & entrepreneurial skills.

Objectives of the Project

To reach the key aim of the project, the following objectives have been set:

– Define the role of youth NGOs and youth workers and enhance their transversal skills in the field of women empowerment;
– Improve the quality of youth work by developing new tools and methods for women personal branding and leadership building;
– Share good practices of women empowerment in Europe and help youth NGOs and youth workers learn from each other;
– Raise public awareness about gender issues and women rights in Europe and promote the idea of women as strong, independent and capable member of the society.

More info about the project is HERE.

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